Israel: The Innovative Nation

It has long been obvious that Israel punches far above its weight in contributions to innovations in science, research, and general culture.  For some time, Tel Aviv and its surroundings have been second only to Silicon Valley in scientific and technological developments.  Now the country's ambition is to become a major, and possibly the leading, cyber-nation in the world. The abundant enemies of Israel readily swallow the Palestinian narrative of unique victimhood and eagerly publicize illustrations of the bigoted companies, organization, and academic units engaged in or proposing boycott of the State of Israel.  The courageous action of Scarlett Johansson has highlighted the cowardice of Oxfam International in succumbing to the pressure of politically correct, anti-Semitic Palestinian pressure groups. By standing up to Oxfam, Johansson made the bigots there, and the businesses, colleges, and academic organizations who have called for boycott of...(Read Full Article)