Hey, Coke and Pepsi! I've Got Your Back!

It was only last week here in Panama that I was talking to a Pepsi truck driver from Philadelphia.  They'll be coming for you sugar guys next, I said.  It's already started, he retorted.  In Philadelphia recently, the union bussed the drivers down to City Hall to protest a tax on sugar. Now we read that the trial lawyers are going for a repeat on the Big Tobacco shakedown of the 1990s.  They want the state attorneys general to sue Big Food to "pay for soaring obesity-related health care costs."  And why not?  Back in the 1990s, Big Law got Big Tobacco to pony up $420 billion to pay into state slush funds for soaring tobacco-related health care costs.  What a deal that was!  Four hundred and twenty billion for lawyers and politicians to spread out among their closest friends! Only it turned out, far too late, that smokers actually cost the government less money than ordinary folks.  Yes, smokers...(Read Full Article)