'Heroes Never Die'

Just as the mainstream media vastly overestimated the significance of the opposition political movement in Russia, it vastly underestimated the potency of populism in Ukraine, which has exploded in a breathtaking manner in recent days to rewrite Ukrainian history once again. What was claimed by Russia as a spectacular foreign-policy win, turning Ukraine away from the EU, has turned into the lowest foreign policy failure of Vladimir Putin's career. Take Mark MacKinnon, the Senior International Correspondent for the Canadian Daily Globe and Mail, for instance. Back in December of last year, jailed former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko called for the constitutional dismissal of the corrupt, pro-Russia Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich (a convicted criminal with ties to the secret police), followed by national elections. Yanukovich was frustrating the will of the Ukrainian people by blocking their integration into the European Union and seeking condominium with...(Read Full Article)