Eskimos and the New Genders

I remember hearing about ten years ago, from my professor of biological and cultural anthropology, that people had many names for the things most important to them.  She was specifically talking about Inuits, and how survival in the Alaskan wilderness brought them to recognize many different kinds of snow -- there were maybe fifty terms, if I remember correctly -- and how recognizing the different kinds of snow was useful to them.  When you are surrounded by something and live within it, it is what you know: to the Eskimo, the snow is a matter of life and death, and so snow is too broad a term for him to use.  He knows it better than us, because snow is a great part of his existence. The same could be said for the likes of botanists and theologians inventing bizarre and cliquish terms, getting together and speaking their own language.  If the human mind has an interest in something, it will elaborate upon it.  And I suppose my professor, however wrong she...(Read Full Article)