Equality of Opportunity

I don't believe in Equality of Opportunity and, most likely, neither do you. At least not in the way that Progressives have perverted this once noble idea. According to the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management, equal opportunity is defined as: "A standard of decision‐making, stipulating that all people be treated the same, except when distinctions can be explicitly justified," (emphasis added). It is in making these distinctions to favor particular groups that Progressives distort the meaning of equality in any way they might choose. And they do! As it is now practiced, this poisonous idea is deeply damaging this greatest of nations and may lead to its destruction. In this discussion I am not talking about Equality Under the Law. That is a proposition in which I firmly believe and Progressives do not. This form of equality is specified in our Constitution: Article 14, Section 1. It has also been adopted into the UN Charter in Article 7 with language drawn directly from U.S....(Read Full Article)