Common Core and Unionitis

Common Core, Common Core, Common Core -- it's all I hear these days, as if it were a new monster at the door of the schoolhouse, as if it had never occurred to anyone that we were losing control of our children's education, as if no one had ever before noticed that school texts were full of propaganda. Of course it's a dangerous thing to let the federal T-rex into the classroom -- I'm not debating that -- of course no good can come of it; no good has come of it. (Remember No Child Left Behind?) Common Core is definitely not the cure for what ails our schools, but it's not the chief problem, either. And we do need a cure -- nothing in our society is more infested with disease than our schools, but we can't eradicate the infection by just changing the schools because the entire society is suffering from the same malady -- more concern with equality than with merit and freedom, more concern with ease than with effort. I have been fighting this pedagogical cancer since the mid-70's when I...(Read Full Article)