Code Name: Johnny Walker

Jim DeFelice co-wrote the memoir of an Iraqi Muslim who worked with the Navy SEALs to find insurgents.  The book, Code Name: Johnny Walker, offers a unique perspective, showing how some Muslims will not remain silent against terrorism.  Johnny became the SEALs' most trusted terp (interpreter), willing to sacrifice everything in an effort to improve his country and keep his SEAL brothers safe.  The book provides insight into what it was like to be an Iraqi working with Americans and how costly it was to him and his family.  American Thinker had the privilege of interviewing DeFelice and Johnny about the War in Iraq. The late Chris Kyle told American Thinker in an earlier interview, "I would trust my life to the Iraqi interpreter who served with us, and fought side by side against the same enemy."  DeFelice said that the only reason he wrote the book was because Chris insisted that Johnny's story must be told.  "Chris pointed...(Read Full Article)