Both Jesses Were Right

Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke to a bank of microphones outside the White House. He had just come from conferring with President Jimmy Carter. He had been invited to join domestic policy specialists and civil rights leaders in a meeting. Mr. Carter was thrashing about, like a fish on the deck, trying to work his way out of his mid-season slump. It's the one that reporters called his malaise. Jesse was appropriately appreciative of the opportunity to meet with the President of the United States. He thanked Jimmy Carter for consulting him on housing, employment, education, and civil rights. But Jesse could not resist noting that he was never consulted about U.S.-Soviet relations. Just once, he said, he'd like to be asked his ideas on the most important issue of the day. We take Jesse's point. There is a tendency to relegate some of us to the back of the bus when it comes to discussing the Big Questions, like U.S. foreign policy, like matters of war and peace. In all candor, we confess we...(Read Full Article)