Bill de Blasio, Progressives' Irrational Poster Boy

Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to be officially declared the poster boy of liberal insanity.  Bill is from the Big Apple, but if conservatives want to demonstrate how liberals really think, then on a national level Bill de Blasio should be kept front and center as the quintessential example of liberal logic. The newest illustration of Bill 'Tale of Two Cities' de Blasio's twisted reasoning is his refusal to march in Fifth Avenue's St. Patrick's Day Parade because organizers, who by and large are Catholic, refuse to allow gay pride signs in an event celebrating what is basically a religious holiday.  Why anyone would need to carry a gay pride sign in a parade that's supposed to be about the patron saint of Ireland is a question Hizzoner, who reportedly cured his wife Chirlane McCray of lesbianism, really needs to answer. This is the same bunch that would probably forbid Christian t-shirts in public schools because of separation of church and state but applaud Muslim girls...(Read Full Article)