Along Came Kerry

How has John Kerry mishandled U.S. Middle East policy? Let us count the ways. On January 16, after two days of voting, the Egyptian people freely, democratically approved a new constitution that (emphasis mine): forbids "religion, race, gender or geography" from being the basis to form a political party while guaranteeing freedom of religion and granting, for the first time, Copts the right to build churches without permission of the president. Women are recognized as equals in Egyptian society. Furthermore, unlike the now defunct constitution, which was "written by the Muslim Brotherhood and associated Islamists," the new constitution was (emphasis mine) "written by a committee of 50 including women, Christians, one Salafist and one independent Islamist." Who could possibly have a problem with that? John Kerry, that's who (emphases mine): The draft Egyptian constitution passed a public referendum this week, but... the United States urges the interim Egyptian government to fully...(Read Full Article)