A Dog in the Manger on Football's Big Day

My hometown team, the Kansas City Chiefs, flirted with "greatness" this year. Through the first nine games of the season, the Chiefs were on top; they alone were undefeated. Then the team fell apart, winning but two more games in the regular season, and only as a wildcard making the playoffs, where the Colts bested them by one point in the first round. Well, if you can't be champs, at least you can be loud. So, Chiefs fans endeavored to distinguish themselves by making Arrowhead the loudest stadium in the land. But it's unsportsmanlike to addle the visiting team with the decibels of a jet engine, making it impossible for them to hear their quarterback. Do you just want to win, or do you want a game? But fans need to have something to point to, some claim to fame, and if noise is all that's left, then noise it's going to be. But it is interference. You can't have fans interfering with the game. Such interference would never be tolerated in the more civilized sports, like golf and...(Read Full Article)