'BridgeGate' in Perspective

The mainstream media (MSM) have been in a feeding frenzy over Chris Christie and "Bridgegate." The three television networks, for example, devoted 17 times the number of stories about "Bridgegate" in one day that they gave to the Obama Administration's "IRSgate" scandal in six months. The assault on Christie appears to have metastasized. The newest revelation, provided by the Democrat mayor of Hoboken, NJ, alleges that the Christie Administration held up funds to help her city recover from Hurricane Sandy because it had not moved quickly enough on a project favored by the governor. Two things should be noted immediately. First, I'm not a Christie supporter. Second, "Bridgegate," and Hoboken's mayor's accusations -- if true -- reveal stupidity (and probably arrogance) in Christie's Administration. Those statements should be juxtaposed to two observations. First, as Finley Peter Dunne's Mr. Dooley said, "politics ain't beanbag." It's a body-contact sport, with rough-'n-ready tactics in...(Read Full Article)