Public Schools vs. Christianity

Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The government can't interfere with how people practice religion, nor favor one religion over another. Furthermore, there is nothing in the Constitution about education or government involvement in it. The Founders clearly expected that education would remain a local concern. But in fact, the United States government is extensively involved with education to the point of running it. In the process the government constantly steps on religious people, especially Christians. Abuse occurs at two levels, one blatant, the other more devious and dark. The visible attacks on Christianity include: banning of prayer; censorship of Christmas themes; use of textbooks that hide religion's role in the country's history; outright impugning of the religion; and, increasingly, attempts to insinuate the study of Islamic history into American classrooms while ignoring other religions. (This bias is at least easy to see. Parents must demand equal...(Read Full Article)