Professorial Logic

Socialism -- ideas so good they must be made mandatory. I had lunch recently with a young lawyer. When an undergrad he wrote a libertarian column for the student newspaper that took issue with the university's new policy of requiring students living in the dorms to buy a meal plan for the semester. He argued that it was not a good deal for students. While on his way home a few days later he ran into the president of the university. "I didn't think much of your column. The meal plan is a bargain." "Wouldn't students be able to figure out what's in their best interest?" "UCLA and Berkeley require purchase of a meal plan." "If it were a bargain, wouldn't the customers, the students realize that? You have a degree in political science. Don't you have any faith in markets?" "If we are to rise to the ranks of the best state schools, a UCLA or Michigan, we have to be like them. They all require purchase of meal plans." "Sir, I just took a class in philosophy at your university. We studied...(Read Full Article)