Obama, the Ingrate

The December jobs report was truly awful, with 74,000 non-farm jobs created and the labor-force participation rate at a 35-year low.  Liberals -- the same bunch who insist that the climate is warming at an alarming rate -- were quick to point to cold weather as a factor discouraging job-creation.  They also insisted that the jobs numbers are volatile and that they might be better next time.  Of course, they might be worse. Regardless, nothing can hide the fact that Obama's job-creation record has been a disaster.  Having "focused like a laser" on job growth several times in the past, Obama reportedly plans to do so again in his State of  the Union address on January 28. Interestingly enough, jobs and the economy were the centerpiece of Obama's State of the Union speeches in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.  And each year, the labor-participation rate and net number of jobs declined as a greater number of discouraged workers...(Read Full Article)