Liberals Who Love Obama, a 501(c)(4) for the Age Of Gangsterism

Apart from me, there is only one other non-Democrat I know of in my immediate D.C. neighborhood. Let's call him John Doe, because he's petrified that he'll be the next target of this extra-constitutional gang from Chicago and wouldn't want to see his name made public. I hadn't seen him around for a while, but yesterday afternoon there was a knock on the back door. No one ever uses it so I figured it was the gas meter reader, but no, it was John who scurried in, using the cover of the large fig tree branches out of fear he might be spotted talking to me. My tea party sign has been stolen so many times that I've given up getting a new one, but I figure by now my subversive presence must be no secret. Obviously, he thinks so, too. "Come in," I said offering him a cup of hot chocolate to warm up, the city having been paralyzed by the 30 degree weather and a half-inch of snow (a phenomenon this Midwestern-raised woman never can understand.). "What's up?" He had a copy of Powerline's...(Read Full Article)