Israel's Most Reliable Ally

"Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you," were the closing remarks of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the Israeli Knesset on Monday, January 20, 2014. This was the first time a Canadian Prime Minister addressed the Knesset; and, it was Harper's first trip to Israel and the Middle East. His messages throughout his stay were received warmly by the Israeli government and public. There was no outspoken criticism of Israel -- another "first" by a head of state visiting the land. Harper's friendship with Israel has been a welcome relief at a time when the Jewish State has become increasingly isolated. Israel's diplomatic troubles have come to the forefront, recently: • Israeli ambassadors were called on the carpet by four European governments that demanded an explanation of current Israeli settlement policy; • UNESCO cancelled an exhibit portraying 3,500 years of Jewish history in the Holy Land because of Arab protests; • Western divestments and boycotts of...(Read Full Article)