'Income Inequality?' How Reagan Handled It

Now that we've solved the "healthcare crisis" with a government healthcare takeover, another bad idea -- the guaranteed income -- has resurfaced, and Republicans who should know better are flirting with it. The guaranteed income, by which the government provides cash subsidies to people below a certain income level, is an unrealized scheme floating on the vapors of the Great Society. It's a recipe for disaster for the very people who have already suffered their share of well-meant disasters -- the poor. Forty-two years ago, on Feb. 1, then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan explained why to Congress. More on that, but first, some background. On Jan. 8, 1964, Lyndon Johnson declared the "War on Poverty." Some 20 trillion tax dollars later, the poor are still with us, and their lot in many ways is far worse. The Great Society and the sexual revolution's war on marriage shattered the black urban family, spawning crime, permanent dependency, addictions, and inner city areas that look like...(Read Full Article)