House Resolution of No Confidence: Obama's Conviction without Eviction

During the last two years, there has been a marked increase in calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.  But there is no commensurate increase in the likelihood that either a formal indictment by the House or formal conviction by the Senate can actually be achieved. Indeed, although certain "Articles of Impeachment" have been filed in the House, there is no likelihood that either Judiciary Committee consideration or full House action is likely to occur unless and until the Republicans retain control of the House and take narrow control of the Senate a year from now. Even many outspoken critics of Obama who would dearly love impeachment are hesitant to commit their time and reputations to what is probably an unachievable goal.  Even with today's 225-189 GOP majority in the House, merely 18 defections on a final vote would spell defeat there and ridicule by the Senate and the establishment media -- with emphasis on the "stab" part of that...(Read Full Article)