Growing Up American: Birth, Sex, and Hitler

It's hard to believe now that sex education is a mainstay of American schooling. It didn't start out well and has only become more controversial with each passing decade. My sex education began when I was 12, though the majority of my classmates had celebrated their 13th birthday long before. (My mother had tried to hold me back a year to begin kindergarten with an age appropriate class, but the power of the State had prevailed.) I had just begun sex education under the guise of "health class." My parents had no choice to opt-out of this course, nor were they made aware of what was specifically to be taught. The class was taught by the resident gym teacher. Looking back, it was obvious the poor man was nervous and would have rather been doing anything other than revealing the mechanizations of hidden parts to his young minions. The day before, he had shown us diagrams of "private parts" on an opaque projector. We were all shocked and couldn't wait for the bell to ring. Unlike...(Read Full Article)