God's 'Silence'

Earlier today, a man on Facebook queried me as to why the Creator would allow evil to occur, if he is as good as we deem Him to be. If the great panorama of wars, murders, thefts, rapes, and the entire host of human-manufactured horrors, both great and small, occur under the watchful eye of a loving God, then how can we possibly conclude that He loves us and desires justice, let alone exists? In light of mankind's historical bloodbath, does this muted voice from the heavens translate either to a cosmic aloofness, or lead us to the conclusion of a divine culpability for our myriad pains and sufferings? For indeed, the mystery of suffering provides the greatest roadblock to faith; and to many it stands as the most serious indictment offered to savage the Christian God -- a Being, of whom it is written, cares for even the tiniest of sparrows? This position would seem to reflect a certain double-mindedness, since the man's sincere but self-satisfied anti-theism is, on one hand, wedded to...(Read Full Article)