Drugs R Us

The more I read about Fast and Furious, the more I am reminded of Milo Minderbinder's M & M Syndicate in Joseph Heller's Catch 22. If you recall, "the business of government is 'business" was Milo's operating principle and he sacrificed the needs of the troops to expand M & M's profits, selling off their parachutes and feeding them chocolate dipped Egyptian cotton. In Fast & Furious, the object of the operation seems to have been to increase illicit Mexico-U.S. drug running and border crime, protecting the worst criminals from prosecution and then blaming lawful licensed gun dealers for the perfectly predictable results of the government's secret, bizarre machinations by which they were forced to sell these weapons to middlemen who carried out the cross-border weapons transfers. This week we learned from Business Insider that for some years (predating this administration, that is, from 2000 to 2012) the U.S. government has been working with the dreaded Sinaloa drug cartel....(Read Full Article)