Can Russia Stop a Terrorist Attack during the Olympics?

The U.S. government issued chilling warnings last week about the risk of bloodshed in Russia during the Olympic games there next month.  A wave of recent terror attacks in Stavropol and Volgograd, two of the most significant Russian metropolises nearest to Sochi, have finally caused the world to wake up to the risk that its athletes and spectators may be taking their lives in the hands by venturing into the Olympic cauldron. The leader of the separatist rebels in Russia's Caucasus region has openly declared war on the Russian games, and so far Putin has shown no ability to stop him.  As one publication recently put it: He's been shot, bombed, blasted by a landmine and declared dead.  But Doku Umarov is still Russia's public enemy number one: a man linked to two recent deadly bombings that killed some 32 people in Volgograd, a gateway to the Sochi Olympics. The terrorist legions of the Caucasus are vicious, heartless...(Read Full Article)