Busted! The Democratic Party's Moral Superiority

Many analysts of national news media have noted that there is a double standard with regard to how the media report the behavioral faux pas of Republican versus Democratic politicians. But there is a far more important difference between the two national parties and their moral postures. This difference is revealed when one compares the campaign rhetoric used by the DNC to the behavior of Democratic officials at the local, state, and national levels once they have achieved positions of power. While Democrats have a set script with regard to campaign rhetoric -- they demonize Republicans while claiming that only Democrats are concerned for the needy and less privileged -- in order to understand their true character, it is necessary to look at how they behave once they are in power. This is most clearly revealed through how they respond to perceived threats to their control of money. Democrats have shown a consistent inability to balance budgets at the local, state, and national level....(Read Full Article)