What the Pope Really Said

Pope Francis issued his first apostolic exhortation this week, and it has created quite a firestorm. A Google news search on 'Pope' following the release of exhortation turned up all kinds of stories proclaiming that Pope Francis says Capitalism is 'evil' from major news sources raning from the Chicago Tribune to ABC News to the Washington Post. Yahoo News ran AP writer Nicole Winfield's article about the exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, (The Joy of the Gospel), with a headline that initially said something like 'Pope Blasts Capitalism, says rich should share the wealth.' After 12 hours the headline changed to "Pope issues mission statement for papacy," but the lead on the story stayed true to Winfield's intent: Pope Francis denounced the global financial system that excludes the poor as he issued the mission statement for his papacy on Tuesday, saying he wants the Catholic Church to get its hands dirty as it seeks to bring solace and mercy to society's outcasts. Reuters writer Naomi...(Read Full Article)