What Christmas Means for Traditional Family Advocates

Every Christmas, I am reminded of how insufficient our Christ-centered holidays are.  On Bill O'Reilly's show we get consternation about a "war on Christmas."  Many FOX News viewers worry about the tireless push by secularists to turn the day into a December recess between World AIDS Day and Anderson Cooper watching the ball drop in Times Square. But what if public venues acknowledged that the holiday was about the birth of Jesus?  Would we be closer to His truth? Did Jesus do anything other than be born and die? Long before atheists strived to eliminate Christ from Christmas decorations, the two Christ-centered holidays, Christmas and Easter, had already taken on a consumerist and shallow countenance.  Unfortunately, the narratives surrounding Christ on both days make Him passive, even to Christians; He is a cooing babe or a stoic martyr on a cross. How can either the newborn or dying Christ hope to compete with the vitality and jolliness of Santa Claus or...(Read Full Article)