The Medicaid Scam

Advocates of single-payer health care have often oversimplified the issue and suggested that we should "just make Medicare available to everyone."  Bad idea.  Medicare is basically an honor system.  Even Wikipedia states this in its definition of Medicare fraud: The Medicare program is a target for fraud because it is based on the "honor system" of billing. It was originally set-up to help honest doctors who helped the needy with medical services. If I claim to have sent wheelchairs to five people because that is my business at 123 ABC street, then I will get a check in the mail.  All I have to do is show an invoice in the form they expect, and I am doing nothing but going to the bank and making withdrawals. This has been known for a long time.  Medicare needs cleaning up just to stay where it is, let alone expand it to more recipients.  Are we cleaning this up?  Apart from the occasional flashy indictment, there...(Read Full Article)