The Laughable Liberal 'Moral Imperative'

Here the liberals go again: trying with all their might to prop up an increasingly unpopular piece of legislation.  This time, no less than Robert Reich has attempted to take the "moral" high road and claim that there is a "moral imperative" to ObamaCare.   Reich noted that recently he heard a young man express that he would rather pay a penalty than be forced by law to purchase health insurance.  According to Reich, the young man asked, "Why should I pay for the sick and the old?"  Reich's answer is telling: "The answer is he has a responsibility to do so, as a member the same society they inhabit."   When explaining why "richer people" have to pay higher taxes to finance health insurance for lower-income Americans, Reich concludes, "It's only just that those with higher incomes bear some responsibility for maintaining the health of Americans who are less fortunate."  Did you catch that?  A liberal exclaiming that "it's only...(Read Full Article)