The Land is not the Issue

Kerry is in the Mideast trying to impose a solution. Pro-Zionists sites are producing maps and trying to dissuade the powers that be from dividing the land, as if that were a real possibility. But the issue is not the land, but the Arabs on it. Call them Arab-Israelis, Palestinians, Fakistinians, whatever. The Arabs are the issue, not the real estate. Can anyone doubt that if in 1967 Israel conquered an empty -- or even sparsely populated -- Judea and Samaria that Israel would have annexed it in five minutes? Can anyone doubt that had Israel annexed such an empty Judea and Samaria the world's outcry would have faded out over time? In 1967, Israel immediately annexed the eastern half of the formerly divided Jerusalem for religious and historical reasons. The Golan Heights was annexed in 1981 for security reasons. The Arabs in both areas were, and still are, offered citizenship. But the populations in the Golan and Jerusalem were small enough to absorb, at least initially. Most of the...(Read Full Article)