Targeting the Low-Information Voter

On Nov. 18, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts delivered a floor speech with the ominous title "The Retirement Crisis": There is a $6.6 trillion gap between what Americans under 65 are currently saving and what they will need to maintain their current standard of living when they hit retirement. $6.6 trillion -- and that assumes Social Security benefits aren't cut. Make no mistake: This is a crisis. [...] I hold deep values, and I look at basic facts. Today, Social Security has a $2.7 trillion surplus. If we do nothing, Social Security will be safe for the next 20 years and even after that will continue to pay most benefits. With some modest adjustments, we can keep the system solvent for many more years -- and could even increase benefits. And that's what our blue-eyed Native American wants to do -- to increase Social Security benefits. But if it is indeed a "basic fact" that "Social Security has a $2.7 trillion surplus," then it shouldn't be a problem to "increase...(Read Full Article)