Pope Francis, Thomas Jefferson, and Capitalism

"Unless you believe, you will not understand" This quote in paragraph 23 of the papal encyclical Lumen Fidei provides insight into how to challenge the understanding of the discourse relating to Pope Francis's writing and the implications as it relates to capitalism, America, and the current debate raging in the United States. Pope Francis's most recent exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, set off a firestorm about capitalism and trickle-down economics. For those who jump on the bandwagon of condemning capitalism based upon a superficial reading of the Pope's exhortation, they may find that "unless you believe, you will not understand". In Evangelii Gaudium the Pope is addressing his flock from a spiritual perspective, with its love of Christ and all His children. Such teachings are the foundation of the Catholic Church as well as in most Judeo-Christian religions. The Pope is singling out a behavior that values anything beyond the spiritual love that we are all to have for one another....(Read Full Article)