On Angels and Ministers of Grace

I was living in a small town that had only two watering holes, one of which was a rundown VFW post.  It was a low point in my life.  I had recently broken up with my fiancé and was on my way to drown my sorrows at a bar at a nearby town, away from questioning friends and pitying faces.  This town sat on a main route across the state, and although its sidewalks were empty, the traffic was heavy. As is the way when youth overdramatizes love, I felt as though my broken heart outweighed the problems of the world.  In a mental fog, I trudged down the sidewalk towards the bar.  Suddenly, a little boy who had just learned to use his legs darted out from a building to cross the sidewalk ahead of me.  He was headed for the busy street, where cars were racing to outrun the yellow light.  Without even thinking, I ran for the tot.  As his little foot stepped off the curb, I snatched him to safety.  I...(Read Full Article)