Obamacare vs. UPS and FEDEX

Apples and Oranges, I'll give you that. But what I won't give you is dissent about overarching government solutions versus the private sector. ObamaCare is the socialist idea of government healthcare versus private sector answers. And by that I mean a truly unfettered private sector. Not the faux 'capitalism' practiced and protected today by an unbelievable goat cluster assembly of Rules, Regulations and Law seemingly in place to prevent capitalist competition. Competition, the engine, frame, suspension, bolts and bearings of Capitalism. This Christmas season UPS and Federal Express are enduring some bad press for missed or late deliveries. Quite the scolding going on the mainstream press. Who've never worked a day like these two do. But what do we get when these two marvels of the free enterprise system don't live up to company standards? Someone on the other end of the telephone whose job is to listen to you, diagnose the problem and set corrective measures in motion....(Read Full Article)