ObamaCare for Iran?

There are several clear parallels between Barack Obama's health care program and the deal the president made with Iran about its nuclear program. First, let us reinterpret what President Barack H. Obama said to Iran: "Let me be clear: if you like your bombs, you can keep your bombs. I repeat, if you want to keep your bombs, you can hold on to your bombs. Period. "If you want to hold on to your present provider of plutonium and enriched uranium, you can hold to your present provider. Period. " Second, the complicated deal US-Iran deal was built like America's health care legislation. Negotiators Wendy Sherman, Catharine Ashton and John Kerry obviously were inspired by Nancy Pelosi, who gave them a winning formula: "We don't know what's in the plan until after we pass the plan." But the most far-reaching aspect of the Iran weapons deal is eerily similar to ObamaCare: call it socialized weaponization. This will involve the re-distribution of nuclear weapons. One can almost...(Read Full Article)