Obama, the Pope, and the Faithful

The recent controversy stirred by Pope Francis' criticism of the free market has had one beneficial side effect: it indirectly demonstrates the extent to which Barack Obama's American apologists have more in common with a faithful flock than with independent, free citizens. As I am all too aware that this topic is a minefield, both among the Pope's Catholic defenders and among supporters of America's historic first-ever Dear Leader, a few prefatory clarifications are in order. Genuine faith is a beautiful and ennobling sentiment.  What is sometimes denigrated as "blind faith" (or "Bible-clinging" in some circles) is usually just proper faith as viewed by people who have never experienced it.  This sentiment, however, has only one legitimate arena, namely that of religious conviction related to the existence and workings of a supreme being.  Outside of that arena, faith (in the literal sense, as distinguished from the colloquial use of the term to describe our trust...(Read Full Article)