Marxists and Misers

Pope Francis created a furor with his comments about capitalism, but there ought to be no controversy at all.  Christianity and, indeed, that broad moral and religious foundation of America which is rightly called Judeo-Christianity, have two compatible precepts regarding wealth and poverty.  Those who are not anchored in that moral foundation are often confused, although they need not be. Socialism is wrong.  It does not matter whether socialism "works" or not.  The socialism of Sweden, for example, which is incomparably better than the socialism in practice in Zimbabwe, is still based upon the same serious sin.  The Decalogue -- those Ten Commandments out of 613 commandments in Torah -- comprises non-negotiable orders from God.  The last of the ten is very clear: do not covet.  The rationale of using the violence of government to take from those we may think are unjustly rich and to "play God" by giving that money...(Read Full Article)