Left to Die in Benghazi

The assault on the Temporary Diplomatic Mission Facility in Benghazi (Often still erroneously referred to as a "Consulate") and its associated Annex on 9/11/12 brought much reporting centered on the general lack of security prior to the event and on the failure of the military to respond after the assaults began. Of late, those two issues have come into much sharper focus by new revelations in testimony during  hearings at the House Intelligence Committee (Written about on these pages here and here.) For example, in a report on those hearings, Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge told Megyn Kelly that a notice was posted at the Annex to be on alert on 9/11/12 and that the agents were told a year before the event that, should the Annex be assaulted, the agents would be "on their own." To our knowledge, and by all accounts that we have read, no element of the military was put on standby immediately prior to or on 9/11/12. Revelations about the lack of adequate or any...(Read Full Article)