Lead Smelters and Leftist Lunacy

It was recently announced that our nation's last primary lead smelter, in business since 1892, the Doe Run facility in Herculaneum, Missouri, is closing its doors at the end of this year rather than meet costly new EPA regulations. On the heels of that announcement, there was widespread speculation that the closure would dry up the supply of lead needed for the manufacture of ammunition. The NRA reported that "it is the only smelter in the United States which can produce lead bullion from raw lead ore." Missouri has the largest lead deposits in the world, and this smelter is the only domestic operation capable of extracting lead from ore, hence its "primary" designation. Not surprisingly, this announcement was followed shortly by opinion pieces speculating that the EPA was engaged in "backdoor gun control." Most prominent among those was a post by NoisyRoom.Net blogger, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton. She was cited in a similar thread by former Congressman Allen West, who wrote: What...(Read Full Article)