Is ObamaCare Barack Obama's Vietnam?

When Vice President Lyndon Johnson returned to Capitol Hill after his first White House meeting with the new team assembled by President John F. Kennedy, he rushed to talk with his mentor, House Speaker Sam Rayburn. LBJ told his fellow Texan how impressed he was with Kennedy's "best and brightest." He was especially taken with defense secretary Robert Strange McNamara, the ex-CEO of Ford Motor Company. Lyndon described that "feller with the sta-comb in his hair" as being the brightest of the brightest. The bald-headed Texas politico, Rayburn, narrowed his eyes and looked at Johnson over his glass of Bourbon and branch water and said with some skepticism. "Maybe, Lyndon, but I'd feel a lot better if just one of them had ever run for sheriff." We know that John F. Kennedy made some of the earliest commitments of U.S. ground forces to South Vietnam, but their numbers were still quite small when Kennedy met his tragic death in a Dallas motorcade. Johnson became president and vowed...(Read Full Article)