Did Rush Limbaugh Just Endorse iCongress?

Last Thursday, Rush Limbaugh gave tacit approval of a stunning idea: a virtual Congress. To start, Rush spent the better part of two hours brilliantly explaining why even the best people we send to Washington will never rein in the federal government.  Simply put, once in Washington, the vast majority of our elected officials become of Washington, and their limited-government instincts die.  There are many reasons for this, but all fall under the general heading of irresistible human nature. As economist Jerry Bowyer says, Washington is a company town, and the company is government.  I love Jim DeMint, but if he owns a house in greater D.C., he too will benefit from a town that grows in size and power through his home equity.  Even the Ted Cruzes have their lifestyles enhanced when surrounded by ever-increasing money and power.  Rush called it the new gold rush. Company town, indeed, and there's not a damned thing we can do about...(Read Full Article)