Muzzling Readers in Detroit

Correction: The first version of this article incorrectly attributed ownership of the MLLive website to the Detroit News. In fact, MLLive is owned by a chain of suburban newspapers. We apologize for the error. Mark Honojosa, Director of Interactive Media for the Detroit News, informs us that the Detroit News is "the conservative voice for Michigan and the region." A major news site in the Detroit area is really upset about how its readers talk about race. The same Detroit newspaper chain that publishes frequent stories on African American festivals, resorts, restaurants, talent shows, health care, breast cancer, academic achievement, art, schools, student performance, veterans, alumni, dropouts, healthy cooking, history, movies, museums, mayors, unemployment, diabetes, Catholic celebrations, heritage, firefighters, music, libraries, churches, racial profiling, photography, senior citizens, theater, churches, lawsuits, books, high school students, academic research, neighborhoods,...(Read Full Article)