China's One Child Policy and the Global Depopulation Bomb

For decades, China has been the 800 pound gorilla (er... panda) in the room. Its fast-growing economy and expanding influence as a regional power have garnered speculation about its future impact on the world stage. One can hardly discuss China's future, however, without looking at its disastrous one-child policy. Since its induction in 1979, the policy has "prevented" the births of 400 million children through methods such as forced abortion, drawing criticism from both prolife and pro-abortion groups. Recently, China made a small but notable change to the policy by allowing some parents coming from single-child homes to have more children. It's not a complete fix by any means, but it does show that China may have noticed a rising threat the one-child policy causes to its long-term prosperity. Let's call it the depopulation bomb. It's common knowledge that in order for a country to maintain a stable population, the birthrate needs to be over 2.0 per woman (unless the country has a...(Read Full Article)