Barack Obama's Euro-Train-Envy

The president of the United States wants Americans riding trains.  And like so many other aspects of the president's ideas for what would make the USA a utopia, we continue to get more spending on leftist ideology forced upon us -- like it, want it, or not. At a speech earlier this year in Miami, President Obama again made the pitch for "improving the nation's infrastructure," including spending hundreds of billions of dollars (that we don't have) on construction of high-speed rail networks.  He again touted his plan for developing a "national infrastructure bank" (yet another federal bureaucracy) and capitalizing it with $10 billion (which he'll wave into existence with a magic wand).  He would also create "America Fast Forward Bonds" that would help state and local governments attract money for infrastructure trains. This vision of a nation crisscrossed by "high-speed rail networks" is clearly one the president is hot for, always...(Read Full Article)