A New Catholic Heresy

On August 13, 2013 the Guardian reported that astronomers had witnessed the birth of a new star. "Images of the birth of a star around 1,400 light years away from Earth is captured by scientists at the European Southern Observatory, (in) Chile." This is a rare event to document, but one that astronomers suspected has occurred often in the universe. With the passage of same-sex marriage in Illinois, political scientists and theologians are also getting a chance to see another birth, one that is more down to earth. They can witness the emergence of a new heresy in the U.S. Catholic Church. Those professed Illinois Catholic politicians who advanced same-sex marriage in Illinois can now be seen as Babylonian Heretics. Why would the birth of a heresy be of interest to others besides religious historians? One reason would be that the Babylonian Heresy helps explain the schizophrenic phenomenon of Catholic Democrats in Illinois. How is it one can believe in both Obama and the Trinity? Julian...(Read Full Article)