The Guardian-Edward Snowden Case: Guess Who Believes in Surveillance?

Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the UK's main leftist/'progressive' newspaper, the Guardian, will face questioning over his newspaper's publication of Edward Snowden's leaked documents, which were taken from the UK and U.S. security services. Rusbridger will give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee in December. In terms of detail, the Guardian published information about how British security agencies monitor communications. The Guardian has of course said that the information it published is for the public good. It has also claimed that it is fighting against the 'surveillance society' and the British Government's abuse of power. That is mainly hyperbolic rubbish. The Guardian, or at least most of its journalists, actually believe in state-surveillance if the right people are being surveyed; just as it believes in censorship if the right people are being censored. (It also believes in the restriction of free speech if the right people are being restricted.) In this instance,...(Read Full Article)