The First ObamaCare Casualty

Away from the cameras and the media scrum, the first political casualty of the president's disastrous launch of ObamaCare is a bipartisan Congressional revolt against crony capitalists' effort to pass the clandestine Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty. In an open letter following his ObamaCare apology, 151 progressive Democrat members of the House of Representatives joined 22 conservative Republican members in sending a letter urging the president to abandon asking for "fast-track authority" for approval of any new free trade agreement. Initially hailed as a free-market weapon to speed the defeat of communism, fast-track has been corrupted by multinational corporate interests into a tool to undermine American sovereignty and outsource jobs. For 200 years, Congress wrote laws to oversee trade under the Constitution's Commerce Clause. Congress created fast-track authority through the Trade Act of 1974 to give the president of the United States the ability to negotiate without...(Read Full Article)