Obama Flunks Project Management 101

The disaster whose face is the Obamacare website is a familiar sight to many technical managers. It is clear that the failure is one of management, not programming or servers or clouds or Canadians. Now there is a new plan -- clearly born of desperation -- to get "the best and the brightest" and "fix" the application at this point by working "day and night". This is like getting nine women together to have a baby in one month. The rules of successful management of a technical project lie in common sense. There are a lot of fancy programs that make colorful schedules with triangles and dots and graphs, but they are all secondary to common sense. Any intelligent grownup can see what happened by getting to the common sense basics of project management. To start, here is an excerpt from my upcoming book The Little Mentor for Managers that looks at the issue from 20,000 feet. "As a guideline, here is the right order of things for a successful project: 1. Understand the application 2. Come...(Read Full Article)