Israel's National Security: Delegitimizing the Legitimate

One of the main issues being discussed in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations is Israel's national security. Although given its military might, Israel's sense of insecurity may seem exaggerated, the Palestinians should not dismiss this central concern, deeply embedded in the psyche of every Israeli. That said, neither military might nor the annexation of any Palestinian land will guarantee Israel's national security, short of a comprehensive peace. Israel's fixation on "security" and the harsh measures it employs (presumably to ensure it), are making the Palestinians increasingly vulnerable, fostering deeper animosity and militant resistance. As Henry Kissinger observed, "Absolute security for one power means absolute insecurity for all others." Unfortunately, Israelis supporting the notion of a "Greater Israel" satisfy their lust for more Palestinian land under the guise of establishing so-called "defensible borders." They fail to understand that unless peace is within the...(Read Full Article)