Obama's fallen and he can't get up

The tangled web Barack Obama has woven for himself and the Democratic Party, which passed his signature legislation in lockstep, has left him with no way out. The multiple deceptions inherent in Obamacare are becoming obvious, and because they affect the health, wealth and welfare of every American, they cannot be papered over by a supportive media haze. The "you-can-keep-your" lies about insurance policies and doctors are only the first stage of deception. Obamacare was sold to the American people on the premise that it would not add "one dime" to the deficit, a lie that was perpetrated with the help of gaming the scoring rules used by the Congressional Budget Office.  With Medicaid enrollments soaring and guarantees to make whole health insurance companies who might lose money spiraling into the stratosphere, the ten year cost to taxpayers will be in the realm of the t-word, trillions, if this abomination is not repealed. Yesterday, the president announced his intention to...(Read Full Article)