ObamaCare by the Numbers

219 Democrats voted for it in the House of Representatives, and zero Republicans voted for it. 60 Democrats voted for it in the Senate, and zero Republicans voted for it. President Obama and Congressional Democrats own this legislation; keep that in mind, while reading how much money this has cost. $2.6 Trillion -- That is the latest Senate Republican Budget Committee estimate -- using the Congressional Budget Office numbers -- of what ObamaCare will cost in its first ten years. $716 Billion -- This is the amount of money President Obama removed from Medicare to help pay for ObamaCare. For many seniors with UnitedHealth Group Medicare Advantage plans, you will not be able to keep your doctor, because UnitedHealth has dropped thousands of doctors from the plan. More than $4.3 Billion -- According to USASpending.gov, this is the amount spent on 2,118 grants and contracts so far to try and get the Affordable Care Act up and running. All that money spent, and it's still a...(Read Full Article)